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Aluminum framed Pipe and Tower docks have become one of the most popular dock options for waterfront properties in Ontario. From docking your boat to creating an idyllic outdoor living space to enjoy your morning coffee, our aluminum pipe and tower docks can be fully customized to meet your needs.

Why we only install Naylor Systems

They are simply the best dock systems around and we only use the best quality products
  • Naylor has over 40 years manufacturing in this industry
  • The sun and water do not damage them
  • Aluminum does not rust and will last a lifetime. All of our truss style docks are made from high-grade aluminum with high-grade fasteners which gives the dock an exceptional strength to weight ratio.
  • Pipe and Tower Docks can be easily configured or combined to fit any shoreline and water level.
  • Add standard sized sections to build a custom size and shape to suit your needs.
  • Material and craftmanship is top quality. Our docks are superior because they are welded at the seams and both sides of the cut. They are not bolted.
  • They are much lighter than wood dock frames making them easier to install in the spring and remove in the fall.
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Decking Style Docks

Pipe Docking Sizes

4’ x 8‘ 4’ x 12‘ 4’ x 16’
6‘ x 8’ 6‘ x 12’6‘ x 16’

Tower Dock Sizes

4′ x 24′ 4′ x 36′ 4′ x 48′
6′ x 24′ 6′ x 36′ 6′ x 48′
8′ x 24′ 8′ x 36′ 8′ x 48′ 8′ x 60′

Decking Style Docks

Pipe Docks

  • The trusses are made from ¾″ angled Aluminum, welded on both sides at a 45 degree angle.
  • Full 1½″ tubular runners that run length wise with the dock all double welded.
  • Stringers run width wise to the dock and are spaced an even 4 feet.
  • Strongest and sturdiest dock on the market. No bounce or spring when you walk on them.
  • Hard mounted or tongue and groove way of connecting two docks together.
  • Some styles have slide in bumper stripping on the top and on the bottom of the frame with torpedo bumpers. Included in the price.
  • Traditional! 2×6 Western Red Cedar (WRC), screwed together. Nothing looks or smells better then WRC first thing in the morning with your coffee. Requires yearly maintenance to keep it looking great!
  • Raindrop decking is a vinyl decking that is UV and mildew resistant, a textured top to aid in anti-slip and is still comfortable to walk on, bare foot. It can be in direct sunlight and is still cool to the touch.
  • Soap and water are all you need for most scuffs and because the colour is formed into the plastic you could use a more abrasive cleaner and still not harm the colour, it will not fade or get sun baked. Raindrop decking is a higher product.
  • Unlike wood this decking is evenly spaced and will not suffer from rot or suffer from sun baked, where the decking gets that thin layer of grey like Cedar does. Nor will people run the risk of splinters.

Tower Docks

Our aluminum framed tower docks have the same great benefits and features as our pipe docks but also have a hidden tower when the dock is in use that allows for the entire dock to be lifted out of the water for winter storage in one complete section.

Manual or motorized winch, Ice lifting frames, add on side docks and many more accessories.


  • 2x6 Western Red Cedar skirt
  • Vinyl bumper striping
  • Corner bumpers
  • Triangle filler board to give a boat slip appearance
  • Solar lights
  • Mooring whips
  • Ladders
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